Let's talk about some aspects of Holistic Life Coaching...

From the Inside Out

If we only look at the outward action, you won't actually know what is going on.  Instead, we must turn inward, reflect and find out what the actual problem is. This will lead us to change and freedom.

Finding the Root

Bad habbits die hard. We have all heard this. Perhaps some of those bad habits are still being persistant.  By working with me, we will look at the root issue, find the true problem and address it. That root needs to go, so that just like an undesired weed in a garden it can be uprooted.

Whole Person

It's important to look at your mental, emotional, and physical health holistically.  We all know that just because we tell stress or that extra weight to go, doesn't mean it happens, right?  That's because there is more than just our physical body that makes up our very person.

Lasting Change

If you are looking for a silver bullet or quick fix, honestly this isn't the right place.  However if you are looking for a lasting change and willing to take action to show up, you are in the right place!  True freedom is yours for the taking. Are you ready?
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I'm Laura. I help moms who had their inner confidence stolen empowering them to live authentically, pursue their purpose without shame or guilt, and embrace joy and freedom.

I have a story of my own.

I felt helpless inside my own body.... Even as I was learning how to integrate more holistic and “crunchy” habits into my life, I was still struggling daily...

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